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Griffin tells Faragonda that she came across two of her freshmen just outside of Cloud Tower, unable to remember anything. When she hypnotized them to figure out the truth, one of them told her that one of their attackers looked like Icy: one of the Trix. Bloom is surprised that the Trix managed to survive the collapse of Darkar's Fortress and realizes that the uneasiness she had been feeling a week before was because of them.

She runs to their dorm and panics, frantically announcing to anyone in the room that the Trix are alive. Bloom, however, does not want to go outside and just wants to stay inside to wrap her head around the bad news.

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At Palladium's laboratory, however, Palladium cannot remember how to use the devices in the room. Bloom explains that there is some sort of epidemic spreading through Magix and that they need his help analyzing the air for the mysterious airborne virus so that they can come up with an antidote. Tecna points out the manuals for each device on a shelf in the back of the room, so they go through all of the manuals to find the device that they need.

The Winx make it to the lake with Faragonda, Palladium, and Wizgiz keeping watch. Faragonda tells the girls that Saladin was supposed to be there with them but he could not remember the way to the lake, meaning that the dark spell had gotten to him as well.

An Evil Wind by H. Michael Frase

Due to the pixies being so lightweight, Bloom instructs them to ride on the leaves being pushed around by the breeze after noticing that the breeze seems to be blowing around in circles. The Pixies do as they are told as the Winx follow close behind, putting on breathing masks so the effects of the evil wind are not as severe as they get closer to the source.

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The pixies end up leading the Winx to the mountains where they notice that air is being sucked up from one side of a mountain and the evil wind being blown towards them, out the other end. They get the pixies to hide somewhere as they go confront the source of the evil winds.

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Inside the mountain, the Winx find a huge cauldron with a giant fan blowing the potion's scent out. Aisha notices that the fan is made out of magic as the girls get ready to destroy it.

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Before they are able to do so, the Trix arrive to stop them. Icy freezes Bloom to a wall as they begin to battle with the Winx. A strange necklace falls off of Icy and Chatta grabs it before she can get it back.

An Evil Wind

Icy tries to freeze Chatta and misses, hitting a leg of the cauldron instead, causing it to fall and spill the potion. The Trix get swept up in the spilling potion and the giant fan dissolves. This was called "evil wind of early marriage" and was vigorously attacked by Chinese authorities in official publications.

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To control this "evil wind," the Chinese communists also utilized Mao's thoughts in re-educating the educated youths. They pointed out that youths who married early and concentrated on building a family were selfish because by concentrating on personal matters they could not attend to state matters nor participate in class struggles. It is clear that in attacking early marriage and advocating late marriage, the Chinese communists had both planned birth and politics in mind.

Its sudden demise was bewailed in numerous lamentation texts that have been discovered by archeologists.

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  • The texts ascribed the calamity to an Evil Wind that came blowing from the west from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea -- a deathly cloud that caused excruciating death to all living beings, people and animals alike, that withered plants and poisoned the waters. In The Wars of Gods and Men third book of The Earth Chronicles series , Zecharia Sitchin saw an explanation of the sudden death in a long text known to scholars as The Erra Epos , that described a chain of events that ultimately led to the use of "Weapons of Terror" in a conflict between opposing clans of the Anunnaki "Those who from Heaven to Earth came".

    Used to obliterate the spaceport that then existed in the Sinai Peninsula and some "sinning cities" such as Sodom and Gomorrah , the nuclear cloud then was carried by the prevailing winds eastward, causing death and desolation in the Lands Between the Rivers Mesopotamia -- the empire of Sumer and Akkad.

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    • That the civilization that sprang out in Sumer circa B. That the end was abrupt, was also certain.